What Price Glory

What Price Glory

What Price Glory is a 1952 American World War I film based on a 1924 play by Maxwell Anderson and Laurence Stallings, though it used virtually none of Anderson's dialogue. Originally intended as a musical, it was filmed as a straight comedy, directed by John Ford and released by 20th Century Fox on 22 August 1952 in the U.S. The film stars James Cagney and Dan Dailey as US Marines in World War I.


  • jaar uitgave: 1952
  • regisseur: John Ford

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Flagg and Quirt are veteran United States Marines whose rivalry dates back a number of years. Flagg, now a captain, is in command of a unit on the front lines of France during World War I. Sergeant Quirt is assigned to Flagg's unit as the senior non-commissioned officer. Flagg and Quirt quickly resume their rivalry which this time takes its form over the affections of Charmaine, the daughter of the local innkeeper. However, Charmaine's desire for a husband and the reality of war give the two men a common cause.

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