Men With Wings

Men With Wings

Men With Wings is an American Technicolor film, directed by William A. Wellman and starring Fred MacMurray, Ray Milland, and Louise Campbell. Donald O'Connor also has a small part as the younger version of MacMurray's character. The two would soon star in the film Sing You Sinners together along with Bing Crosby.


  • jaar uitgave: 1938
  • regisseur: William A. Wellman

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In 1903, the Wright Brothers set the scene for aviation's advances and influence barnstormer, Pat Falconer (Fred MacMurray) and his friend, engineer Scott Barnes (Ray Milland). Falconer marries childhood sweetheart Peggy Ransom (Louise Campbell) although Barnes also loves her, but is unwilling to jeopardize his relationship with his friend. During World War I, Falconer becomes a fighter pilot and after the war continues to fly by "the seat-of-his-pants" rather than do the methodical work of flight research like Barnes. As the 1930s come to a close, restless Falconer leaves his family and friend behind, taking off for China to fight Japanese invaders.

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