120 is a 2008 Turkish war film directed by Murat Saraçoğlu and Özhan Eren based on the true story of 120 children who died in 1915 carrying ammunition for the Battle of Sarıkamış against the Russians during World War I. The film went on general release across Turkey on February 15, 2008 and is one of the highest grossing Turkish films of 2008.


  • jaar uitgave: 2008
  • regisseur: Murat Saraçoglu

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During the Battle of Sarıkamış, the Ottoman army runs out of ammunition and appeals for help to the people of Van, who happen to have supplies. However, the First World War is on and all the men are fighting at the four corners of the empire and therefore can not respond to the appeal. The young children of Van want to do something and when the Principal of a school, who has lost a son in the war, suggests that they transport ammunition, 120 young boys aged 12 to 17 volunteer and take to the road. The movie tells the true story of the 120 boys and their sisters and mothers left behind, who wait for their return.

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